About Us

BASED ON News is an online news magazine that publishes and aggregates/curates news, reviews, analysis, makes recommendations and provides other content about “scripted”, narrative media based on nonfiction-driven stories — both contemporary and historical. While BASED ON primarily reports on “scripted” movies and TV series, we also cover some theater, documentaries, books, music and podcasts that fall under our nonfiction/history-based mandate.

BASED ON & BASED ON America are focused primarily on narrative story-telling about the American experience, but we also cover some nonfiction-based media from other countries and cultures that are likely to be released in the U.S. market.

Please contact us if you either would like to make suggestions about what we should cover and/or if you are interested in writing for our website. Maybe also let us know a few of your favorite films.

BASED ON will soon offer original scripted podcasts based on American history. And the website will soon offer various search tools and educational resources by which to SEARCH and learn more about produced movies and series based on American nonfiction/historical subjects.

Our Team

Rob Stone

Publisher & Executive Editor

Robert Stone is a book editor/packager and film producer whose screen producing credits include The Conspirator (Lionsgate), Gone in Sixty Seconds (Disney), The Negotiator (Warner) and Citizen X (HBO). He graduated from Harvard College with a BA in American History.

Brendan Higgins