1883 True Story & Every Real Life Character Explained (ScreenRant)

Creator Taylor Sheridan has stated that among western series, 'Lonesome Dove' is his favorite.

The True Story Behind ‘The Last Duel’—and History’s Attempt to Erase It

This is the first Matt Damon-Ben Affleck writing collaboration since 1997's 'Good Will Hunting.'

Christopher Nolan Talking To Multiple Studios About J. Robert Oppenheimer WWII Project

Dwight Schultz portrayed Oppenheimer in the 1989 Paul Newman Manhattan Project starrer, 'Fat Man and Little Boy.'

The Making of ‘Impeachment: American Crime Story’ (The Hollywood Reporter)

“There’s Been Fights, There’s Been Tears.”

‘Respect’ Review (Rolling Stone)

Aretha’s Music Carries This Biopic.

‘Stillwater’: How Much of Matt Damon’s New Movie Was Inspired by Amanda Knox? (Vanity Fair)

The real life Amanda Knox is no fan of 'Stillwater's existence, claiming the film is profiting from her life.

Watch the Trailer for Netflix’s ‘Myth & Mogul: John DeLorean Season 1’

DeLorean moved production from the U.S. to Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1981.
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