Oscar Isaac to Play Francis Ford Coppola; Jake Gyllenhaal as Robert Evans in ‘Godfather’ Making of Movie

Barry Levinson will direct the film from a script by Andrew Farotte.


Oscar Isaac and Jake Gyllenhaal accepted an offer they couldn’t refuse.

Isaac, 41, will portray director Francis Ford Coppola while Gyllenhaal, 39, will play Paramount studio head Robert Evans in Francis And The Godfather, a movie about the making of The Godfather, according to Deadline.

The film will focus on the push and pull between Coppola and Evans as they worked on the 1972 classic.

Coppola and Evans famously butted heads throughout the filming of the movie, with the two sending telegrams back and forth to each other.

The director, responding to a concern Evans had of including Nino Rota music for the film, accused the producer of doing “nothing on The Godfather other than anoy [sic] me and slow it down,” according to a telegram shared on Twitter.

“If you want a P.R. war or any kind of war, no one is better at it than me,” Coppola wrote.

Evans replied, “I am so annoyed and exasperated by your fallacious accusations, when all I do is praise your extraordinary talents as a filmmaker.”

“I am affronted by your gall in daring to send this Machiavellian epistle, the content of which is not only ludicrous but totally misrepresents the truth,” Evans wrote. “Dear Francis, do not mistake my kindness for weakness.”

Barry Levinson will direct the production which will detail how Coppola and Evans gambled on the hit film that starred Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, James Caan, Robert Duvall, John Cazale and Diane Keaton.

Coppola has already given the project his stamp of approval, telling Deadline, “Any movie that Barry Levinson makes about anything, will be interesting and worthwhile!”

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